Blackberry battery problems after software update

There have been many cases where OS update has solved this problem. Another solution is to re-calibrate the battery. It is not a very difficult task.

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All you got to do is let the battery drain completely. Eventually, the battery will drain out for real and the phone will switch off! Once the battery is completely drained, plug in original Blackberry charger and let the battery charge. Doing so will help re-calibrate the battery. If done correctly, the battery will show correct reading.

Troubleshoot charging issues on your BlackBerry Q10

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. You may have battery issues if: Change the power settings. Close background applications.

Troubleshoot shortened battery life on your BlackBerry Q10

Verify that your BlackBerry Q10 is running the most recent software. Perform a soft reset. A soft reset deletes any temporary files that may be causing the issue. Press and hold the Power key to turn your BlackBerry Q10 off. Remove the battery.

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After 30 seconds, reinsert the battery. My blackberry priv all of a sudden went off and now I have a blank black screen and it wont start up again. Before this happened there was also a white line down the phone which just appeared……I have not had any of these problems before and have had the phone for about 2years or so……I cannot do without it Should I just take it into a phone shop? I still have a major problem, but not with the original Priv that I purchased. I purchased one in April , it worked fine untip August when it started giving me a problem, the USB port seemed to intermittently not allow either charging or data exchange.

BlackberryCare replaced it with a new phot, it took almost a month to get one.

It periodically shuts itself down. You have to hold the power button for over 30 secs and then the phone reboots. I then recharged it up again and it crapped out again, same pattern. They are trying to find a replacement for me, and it is difficult. I said that I would pay an upgrade fee, if they would send me a newer model.

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How To Fix Battery Drain And Overheating On BlackBerry Priv

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