Samsung galaxy mini back button not working

If you all got a message for that please inform me.

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I have tried to do that but unfortunately the key light home screen is just disabled and it does not show it. But it works perfectly but just the settings I have put automatically to save the power. Now I cannot even know what else to do as I Now I cannot even know what else to do as I getting calls but no key light home screen.

My touch keys work on occasion. Sometimes my touch screen does not respond. The phone is not hot I have factory rest The phone is not hot I have factory rest this more times then I care to, and even skipped re-downloading all apps to make sure and it still occurred after a few days it goes right back to doing it.

back button & apps button KEYS not working

I have removed the case and tried everything I can think of to stop it from happening but no luck. I have changed the unlock style through all of them and still they randomly choose to just not function. Privacy Policy. Privacy and Terms of Google. Comments Hasitha Dissanayake.

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Ali ansari. I have samsung j2 and can't find the touch key light plzzz tell me about it.

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I have a samsung galaxy j3 and can't find the touch key light settings On the Neo 5s, there is know such menu. So you can't restrict the performance. Any comments? I thought my s5 were fake.

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There are no comments posted here yet. Leave your comments. This particular issue not only affects this model but other models as well that have done the Marshmallow update. If you have then the security policy of the account could be preventing the Home from working.

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If the above steps fail to fix the problem then you should consider flashing your phone with an updated official firmware version. It is model SM-SL. The phone does not say there is an update. I have tried Kies, Kies 3 and SmartSwitch and none of these programs tell me there is an available update.

How can I update the software on this phone to 6.

Back button issues | Tom's Guide Forum

Related Problem: My Samsung Galaxy S5 is running on Android version 4. It is a Straigh Talk phone. KitKat is what the phone came with when I bought it last year, when I go to system updates it believes it is up to date. I downloaded SmartSwitch to check it and it said the same thing, so I downloaded Kies 3 thinking this would do it, but no it also said it was up to date. I know it does not have to be updated per say, but it would be nice to have it be up to date, at this point it is just frustrating.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini back button not working

There are also a couple of requirements that your phone must meet in order for it to get updates which are listed below. If your phone meets the requirements listed above and it is still not getting updates then try doing a factory reset then check for the update again. You should also consider manually flashing the update to your phone. Instructions on how to do this can be found at several of the popular forums online. My friends have the same phone but different carriers. And we all have different versions of the update.

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