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The Unbeatable Game – IQ Walkthrough for All Levels

Walkthrough IQ Level 64 Watch this step-by-step Video Walkthrough, which may help and guide you through each and every level part of this game. Walkthrough IQ Level 1. Walkthrough IQ Level 2.

What's My IQ? - ALL THE CHEATS - Part 3 (iPhone Gameplay Video)

Walkthrough IQ Level 3. Walkthrough IQ Level 4.


Walkthrough IQ Level 5. Walkthrough IQ Level 6. Walkthrough IQ Level 7. Walkthrough IQ Level 8. Walkthrough IQ Level 9. Walkthrough IQ Level Walkthrough IQ Pro Levels.


How pass Question 41 From: Stuck on level 15 From: IQ Pro level 20 From: How to get past level 26 on IQ From: Cupcake girl. Help getting past level 46! Need help with level 46 owl From: Put together all the halves to make up 5 skulls.

What’s My IQ Cheats: Level 36 – 50 Answers

Then add however many skulls you have at the top of the screen. Which bat is the real bat? Turn your device upside-down and shake so the fake bats will fall down. Help Jack find his home. Open the menu upper left corner and tap the HOME button.

What’s My IQ Cheats: Level 36 - 50 Answers - Unigamesity

Which one is edible by human? Drag the umbrella under the pile of poo to make chocolate ice cream. Which toast is thicker? This makes no sense to me, but drag the right one to the left one and then choose A as the answer. Press and hold the yellow dot. If you press and hold the dot, it asks you what color it changes to. But try your best to do so. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot while holding your finger on the yellow dot and then look at it on another device.

Instead, place a finger in the empty space to the left and the mosquito will head towards it and into the zapper. Enter the title of this stage to continue.

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Turn on all the lightbulbs on the screen. Slide the right bulb off the screen and then tap the left switch to turn on the remaining two bulbs. Complete the equation. Wake Rose up again. Open the blinds and then wait for the sun to rise and wake Rose. Mix the chemicals. Place your finger on the top of the test tube to keep the chemicals from spilling out, then shake your device.

Correct the equation. Thanks to Gerald for this! Arrange the lights. Arrange them in alphabetical order. So it goes: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow. Tap number from high to low. The order is as follows: Looking for the new puzzles, levels — ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Game Walkthroughs

Learn how your comment data is processed. Hiiiii, i cant get thru the ketchup… idk whyyyy.. Pls help! I was on the verge of throwing my phone through the window!!! I was so frustrated! Anyway I was able to complete it after that. Good luck? The game ended at 60 for me. For 50, if the first two women are a lesbian couple with two dientes and two granddaughters by one of them, the answer is 6.

Level Thank you very much for your walkthrough. I have to rant about the designer not bothering to have someone who knows grammar and English check his work. This happens more and more often and is so annoying. I can live with the Oriental viewpoint being so different from ours even if it makes no sense.

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This is irritating!! I could have completed it much bfr….

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Is there a way past without the apples falling. I have a problem at the ballon level, which says to burst the balloons using the Clue button. Any ideas, please? Privacy Policy. Sometimes a promo code is provided for a game, but it does not affect the review in any way.

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