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OneDrive for iOS is no longer a second class citizen. The OneDrive app is solid, with support for document previews, Live Photos, caching and better sorting.

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Drag and drop is also robust and well implemented. OneDrive is now also fully integrated in Files, if you prefer that.

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The September 23, update says it is now organizing my camera roll folder by year and month. This is a great idea.

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This would be a better idea if it also organized the zillions of photos and videos in my camera roll that are not included because they were uploaded before the update. So unless this feature is gonna big to be included then please include the option to disable automatically sorting new photos and videos into folders like the website version of OneDrive has allowed for a few weeks now. If that feature is not going to be included then please also rerun the option of scrolling the button on the right up and down and automatically listing which month and year the photos and videos are from so I can still find stuff.

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I use two cloud services. I tried both in order to compare them to see which is better, and I think MSOD is the better of the two. Strangely enough, you must use chrome. The MSOD is better syncing capabilities. Both services should offer GB.

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App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad iMessage. Description Do more wherever you go with Microsoft OneDrive. This has been fixed, not with the missing six characters, but a little app icon in the top right of your file previews. Proof that we really do go the extra mile. We got an early start on spring cleaning by fine tuning a few UI details in the search experience. We squashed a bug preventing a few Office docs from opening correctly in the app.

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  4. Sometimes a text annotation on a PDF got a mind of its own, rotating however it pleased. This has been fixed. We fixed an issue where we showed an unexpected space above your search results. This has been fixed and you no longer have to mind the gap.

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    The Files app will no longer close or refresh unexpectedly when browsing your OneDrive files. This update contains bug fixes and stability improvements. Twas the night before shipping, and all through the app, not a pixel was stirring, not even a scrap; This gem was polished with time and care, in hopes our users would soon tap and hold there; The users waited on the update to load, to see what triggers this festive snow. The long awaited, and semi anticipated, text annotation functionality is back up and running for your PDF editing pleasure.

    While we were at it, we also polished up the eraser experience, and squashed some other pesky bugs. We are always listening to your feedback and will continue to improve and iterate on our PDF experience.

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    Please keep pointing out areas that need a little TLC. We hear your feedback and are working hard to improve our PDF annotation experience. In this release, search results will show as highlighted, and we improved the quality of printed PDFs. In this release, we now save your location within a PDF regardless of whether you close the application. Also, you can stop the scheduled email if the recipient emails you in between.

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    Weed out newsletters and social media emails to another folder and make your inbox distraction-free. Think Gmail tabs for all email accounts. Send better emails by knowing the context and background of the sender. Got an important email while travelling? Snooze emails, not productivity. But wait Price may vary by location.

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