Kindle fire wont download apps

A progress bar shows download progress, and changes to an Open button when complete.

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Tap it to launch the app or game. To search, just tap the magnifying glass icon at the top right, type in your search term and then hit the orange magnifying glass icon at the bottom right of the keyboard. To explore by category, go to the Appstore homepage, then tap the Categories tab. With many books, you can download a sample chapter to your Kindle Fire — just tap the Download Sample button.

To buy something, just tap the orange Buy button.

Kindle Fire won't download app store or books

Now tap the relevant heading at the top of the screen — Apps to see all your installed apps, for example — followed by Library. To remove something from your Kindle Fire, tap the three dots under Downloaded , and select Delete from Device from the drop-down menu. A number of users have reported problems with their Start Menu. Try one of our solutions to fix it now. Share this. May there is a best practices work-a-round for this issue you can share?

How To Fix Problem Of Downloading Google PlayStore Apps in Android Tablet

I can tell you that parents get frustrated when they buy a product to protect there children online but have to abandon it because it doesn't work well. Hi, had the same problem with 2 of 3 Fire tablets. I followed the instructions by another user. Read below. In our case, "Learn First" was checked on the problematic fire and blocking all non-educational content.

If this is checked, apparently noneducational content won't even appear in freetime until ed goals are achieved. As soon as we unchecked this, all our content appeared in freetime as desired. We're just happy for now that content. I just finished a chat with customer service, I was having the same issue.

The representative had me go into both profiles, delete them, and then add them back in again. As soon as I did that, I was able to go into both profiles and begin downloading the apps and games. Did you have to delete the profiles themselves? If so, how do you delete the profile for the parent user? I have two kindle fires. One was having an issue with apps loading in freetime, the other one wasn't.

Removed the child profile as suggested, re-added the child profile and now it works. Will report back if the issue comes back. I am experiencing the same issue with the latest generation Kindle Fire. I was on the phone with support for over an hour and in the end I was told to hard reset the device and set it up again.

I have done this as well as deleting and recreating the child's profile. Neither of these have resolved the issue. If the support was better I would call back but at this point another call to try and explain this issue, I feel will get me nowhere. The best point of contact at this moment will be with our Support. There should be some notes on your account to help the next associate with your issue. Most likely, we will need to escalate device and account-specific details to our Technical team for further research into what is happening. Please give us another contact to help.

I have downloaded several children's books to the device, then set up a teen profile for my daughter. I have then added the books to the teen profile.

kindle free time won't load apps

The first I logged into the teen profile, the books are there. The next day, I log into the teen profile and the books are not there. I re-add them from the master profile. I then log into the teen profile and the apps just behave as if they need to be downloaded I don't know if this is the actual issue, I just see spinning circle on the book image. I waited over an hour for kB book to download, no joy. Come on, it's two days old. Please acknowledge there is an issue and fix it. Are you a developer? Terms of Service.

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Thanks Meter: By bigtimebooch , Junior Member on 30th November , Thread Deleted Email Thread. I just updated to 6. They will download, but then sit at the "installing" phase forever. When I restart the Kindle Fire sometimes it will try to install them again but it never finishes. Any ideas? admin