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If you decided that you would like to remove a language you have added before, simply select the "Edit" button located at the upper right hand corner. Click on the " - " icon next to the language, then click "Delete".

The Best 13 Apps to Learn Chinese on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Speedy credentials: Written by a SpeedyStaff member who is an avid user of the iPhone since it was first launched. SpeedyHowTo Guides and Tips. The Story of Us. Write a Resume. How to Write Chinese with an iPhone.

Excel Tips. Right now Duolingo is free, and can be used both as a smartphone app iOS or Android , as well as a software program on your PC. Note that so long as you login with the same account, the app and PC version automatically synchronize. Hello Talk is without a doubt an ideal app for people who have already been learning Chinese for a while and are not able to use it in real-life situations.

Monki Chinese Writing Lessons - Language Apps for Kids

The app uses the new possibilities provided to us by new technologies to get in contact with language students in the whole world. The only thing you have to do is to download the app, sign up for the platform, say what your native language is and what language you are studying and your level ; then, you will be able to see a list of native speakers in our case, Chinese who are studying your language and chat with them.

In other words, Hello Talk is an advanced search engine for language exchanges. While Hello Talk is particularly designed for language students, if you want to get into contact with native Chinese speakers near you, I would recommend that you try WeChat Weixin in Chinese , a sort of Whatsapp that is extremely popular in China but much more advanced. WeChat allows you to meet new people, it works as a social network similar to Facebook and much more.

How to use Pinyin to Type Chinese (iPhone) - Pin Pin ChinesePin Pin Chinese

The good thing about WeChat is that it is mainly used by Chinese people and allows you to contact people depending on the distance between you and them. At the present moment the Lite version also offers you the audio and handwriting recognition functions. The last versions of Hanping also feature two interesting tools: The second tool is an optical recognizing software that costs 9. I recommend taking a look at it add-ons, as it is constantly adding new functions, some of which are free and others of which are paid.

Some of the recent interesting add-ons are: Pleco is available on Android and iOS devices and is an all-in-one app: Here a short description of each feature:. Off-line dictionary: Additionally, it offers specific dictionaries such as a traditional Chinese medicine dictionary. The SRS based software is an add-on and cost Optical character recognizer: Handwriting recognizer: Stroke order diagrams: You can use this tool to learn how to write a character stroke by stroke.

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This option is an add-on and costs 5. Audio pronunciation: Also available in the Lite version with both male an female pronunciation of individual characters.

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There are some paid add-ons more complete, such a full word pronunciation, synthetic audio for sentences and Cantonese pronunciation audios. Text reader: The app is very good at using games for good learning entertainment.

Tool #3: ChineseSkill Mobile App

Visit TrainChinese Website. The Arch Chinese learning system is a popular teaching resource that has been used by a number of Ivy League schools. Part of the learning package includes a handwriting practice tool that teaches you to write a word using the proper stroke order. The tool comes with animated stroke order with over 7, frequently used Chinese characters. My only concern with this tool is how dated it is.

Visit Arch Chinese Website.

Handwriting, OCR, flashcards

Download the Chinagram App. Obviously there are many, many more tools that are designed to help students learn how to write Chinese characters better, but not all of them take full advantage of the technology we all have in our pockets now. Also, many of them just plain suck. Try a few of these tools suggested above and find out what works best for your learning style and budget.

Play & learn to write Chinese!

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